Periodic Frequencies of the Cycles in 2 × 2 Games: Evidence from Experimental Economics, with Bin Xu and Zhijian Wang. European Physics Journal B, 87.2, 46 (2014).

Working Papers

Price Competition with Endogenous Entry: The Effects of Marriott & Starwood’s Merger in Texas. (Job Market Paper)

Payment Instrument Choice with Scanner Data: An MM algorithm for Fixed Effects in Non-linear Models, with Mingli Chen, Marc Rysman and Krzysztof Wozniak.

Spatial Competition and Missing Data: an Application to Cloud Computing, with Jacob LaRiviere and Aadharsh Kannan.
[NBER Economics of Digitization Conference][Abstract]

Work in Progress

The Impact of the Zero Emissions Vehicle Mandates on the California Automobile Market, with David Rapson and Marc Rysman.